Soil Bac is friendly bacteria which tasted & selected, provide to decompose all organic which is cause of Toxic gas in pond that effect heavily for Shrimp’s Growth , Shrimp’s Health.

Dosage and Application

- Provide to create water color(in case difficult to create water color) mix SOIL BAC 6 kg+Humak 150-300 kg+Molase 30-60 ltr + Rice bran 60 kg + Clean water 600 ltr (for 1 Hec) ferment 48 hr before use.
- For maintain a suitable condition of water use Soil Bac 6 kg/Hec Spred around the pond before stock 5-7 day.
- For Eliminate Toxic Gas use 12 – 18 kg/Hac spread around the pond.

Packing : 1 Kg

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