Fullmin coponent is PO4 80% and Mn, Cu, Zn 20% in disoluble form shrimp and plankton can use instantly
 - Promote shrimp Cuticle formation 
 - Promote shrimp growth (55% of shrimp weigh is mineral)
 - Promote plankton health ,water shading more stable
 - Increase mineral directly into lack mineral soil (culturing for     long time)
 - Promote mineral balance between soil and water
 - Promote organic balance in pond


Dosage and Application

- Increase mineral in the long culturing pond or fresh water area 12-18 bag/hac
- Use after apply Disinfectant as chlorine (chlorine will action with mineral that the cause of lack mineral)  6-12 bag/hac
- Use during culture period 1st-2nd month 30 kg/hac 2nd up 60 kg/hac

Packing : 10 kg

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