Promote cuticle formation process by ACCA (Active Carrier Calcium Adjustor) help shrimp absorb mineral in water to cuticle & blood ,more hard shell ,more weight .(up to mineral resource in water)
  - promote Cuticle Formation, solve soft ,persistence soft shell
  - Increase alkaline instantly shrimp convert to alkalosis condition although water condition are acidic,promote cuticle formation more speedly
  - Maintain pH and alkaline to suitable for absorb mineral in water.

Dosage and Application

- Normal condition       12-18 kg/hac on midnight 5 day/time
- Prevent problem  18-30 kg/hac before & after molting 1-  2 day  
- Critical condition        60-120 kg/hac every 6 hr 2-3 time
More efficiency in pH range 7.7-8.3

Packing : 20 kg

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