- Reduce the stickiness water problem by penetrate water molecule make water more fresh ,reduce toxic from harmful plankton (Bluegreen plankton,Diatom,Dinoflagellate),reduce mucus ,promote oxygen can penetrate into water more easily. 
- Not eliminate Friendly Microoganism as Bacillus spp. Or Probiotic Bacteria , promote friendly bacteria activity 
- Reduce the suitable factor for harmful bacteria , decrease number of harmful bacteria.

Dosage and Application

- Reduce Stickiness problem 12-24 liter/hac.
- Clean shrimp & gill 12 liter/hac  and apply again next morning
- Reduce Plankton Toxic 18 liter/hac every 7 day
- Eliminate Chemical and Heavy metal  use 30 liter/hac and use again next 2 day
- Reduce Illuminescent problem 12 liter/hac every 3 day
- Suitable to use all day time, avoid to use with B.K.C or Iodine (or use after B.K.C & Iodine 6 hr÷

Packing : 4 liter, 20 liter

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